Pricing will vary depending on the project and the time involved.  Below is a pricing guideline for standard services, however this can be adjusted if you have different needs, whether they be more or less complicated.  Typically pricing is based on hourly work with design work, and we will do our best to estimate what the cost will be before we begin the project.  Please inquire with specific needs, and we will be happy to discuss details.

Envelope Addressing (Traditional Copperplate)

Inner Envelope (one line of names): $1.00/envelope **

Outer Envelope (3 or 4 line address): $2.50/envelope **

Response Envelope (3 line): $1.50/envelope

Return Address (2 line, no name): $1.00/envelope — add  $0.50/extra line (name, etc.)

                             2 Acron Rd #1
       Brookline Massachusetts 02445

** Prices are for black ink on white or off-white envelopes without envelope liners.

For colored ink (including white), colored paper, or envelopes with liners:   outer envelope: $3.00  return address: $1.50

Place Cards

Please indicate whether you would like your place card to be tent style or flat, the size you are looking for, and any special needs.  Place cards attached to wedding favors with table names makes your wedding favor unique and special for everyone attending!

One Line (Name): $1.00/card

Two Lines (Name and Table Name or 2 full names): $1.50/card

**For All Orders**

You will be asked to send the stationary that you would like directly to us.  

Please add at least 10% more pieces than needed for testing and quality purposes.  

Custom Work

Pricing based on an hourly rate.  Contact inkyquillscalligraphy (at) gmail (dot) com for details.