Personal letters are fast becoming a lost art, not to mention letters written in calligraphy.  When you have something meaningful to say, why not make it memorable?  The letter you are sending should be as beautiful as the words within it.  Inky Quills provides custom, hand-written letters beautifully rendered in calligraphy.  You provide the text, we make it sing.  Each letter is wax sealed and can be sent directly to the recipient, or back to you for delivery.

Letters can be a wonderful gift for loved ones, grandparents, grandchildren, graduation, birthdays, anniversaries,  special occasions. Letters can be written around a meaningful poem or quote.

Letters are written in copperplate style for the antique look, however if you have another style you would prefer, please inquire.  Typically letters are written on off-white paper resembling resume or parchment paper.  Please indicate if you would like special paper, but keep in mind that with sharp-nibbed calligraphy pens, not all paper is functional.

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