Ambigrams and Monograms


Personalizing your name and initials is a great way to be unique and leave your mark.  Newlyweds will love monograms that show your shared and unique identities.  For those who like the old-fashioned touch, having stationary or a wax seal with your monogram on it completes your style package.  Inky Quills will design monograms with your style in mind and send you several options for adjusting and personalizing.  All of Inky Quills’ work is custom, and can be adjusted to fit any need.  We have designed monograms for tattoos, wax seals, engravings etc.


Ambigrams are uniquely designed words that say one thing right-side-up and a different (or same) word up-side-down.  These are difficult to make and do not work with every set of words, so please inquire with the words you are looking for, and I will let you know if it is possible.