New writing table

Last summer, when I moved to Vermont, I brought with me my totally functional but not in any way beautiful writing desk. I had cobbled it together in Boston with some extra bits lying around and it had worked. The key feature was the inset light table that angled up towards me so I didn’t have to lean over the table, but that also folded down flush when I wanted a regular surface.

With my new job at Yestermorrow Design/Build School I got to take a woodworking class where we designed and built our own tables. I decided this was a great opportunity to make the desk into something I was proud of and that was not only useful but also beautiful. I redesigned some parts of it, emphasizing the fact that the first design is rarely the best.

After a week of learning new techniques on white oak, I completed my new desk.  This was a major shift from screwing a couple of boards together to actual wood joinery and craft.







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