Re-modeled writing desk

After writing for more than a year on a flat desk with a light table built into the desk I finally decided it was time for an upgrade for both my writing style, as well as my back.  This is what I was working with:











Most old-fashioned scribes wrote with an angled writing desks of around 45 degrees or a little less steep.  I decided to make my design with this in mind, however I still needed flat space on either side of the angle for both the address lists and finished envelopes.

I built the center 1/2 of the desk as a hinged board with the lightbox built into it so that it could lay flat if I needed to work flat, or angle up at varying degrees if need be. Here’s what I came up with:










(click the images for a larger view)

After just using it for a week, I’ve found that I can write TWICE as long without getting a cramped back!

Those scribes knew what they were doing.


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