I’ve been working on a few new “hands” lately (fonts for those who are not from the 1800’s). The one that I would most like to master is Spencerian, which is the pre-cursor to our cursive font, but it offers a ton of variation and allows for lots of flourishing.  It is slightly different from what I usually write in, which is copperplate.  Copperplate involves shading on every letter and a very consistent, clear writing.  The samples on my site are mostly copperlate:


The Spencerian font resembles this, but has less shading in the letters and has some interesting capitals:


Naturally, this isn’t mine, but it’s a great example of what spencerian looks like.  It will take years to become this proficient, however with a lot of practice over the past weeks, I’ve improved a lot – almost enough to post my own samples – almost…


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