Exciting new pen!

Noodler’s Ink is an American company that makes and sells their own fantastic fountain pen ink.  Recently, they’ve gotten into the business of creating inexpensive fountain pens that perform like the pens of days past.  They have breathed new life into the “flex-nib” market of pens.  These nibs flex like a calligraphy nib (like most of the work on my page), which allows there to be fat lines when you push hard, and thin lines when you don’t.  This gives handwriting a dynamic, interesting look to it.  They released a new pen a few months ago, and another new one just this month.  I’m the proud owner of both, but am quickly falling in love with the latter.

It took some playing with to get it right, but when I did, I found I was able to make it resemble the work I do with a dip pen.  Here are some photos of the pen and a quick writing sample.

The pen is called the “Ahab” and comes in a number of colors, including the clear, which I have, which is called a demonstrator.  It’s $20, which in the world of fountain pens is VERY inexpensive for a pen that writes like this.  I got mine from I Sell Pens and am thrilled with their service – highly recommended!


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