New Website!

I am thrilled to be putting together this new website as a place to show work we have done, and keep everyone up to date about what is new at Inky Quills.  I intend to keep the blog updated with projects we are working on and news.  One project that I intend to start very soon is called untelligent.  This is a blog started by a friend who started a project where he does something new and creative every day for a year.  He is a graphic designer by passion, so many of his posts are graphic design related (and letter-art related!), but some are photographs and other things.  In the same vein, I plan to contribute to the site, but with a different kind of project.

After brainstorming with some fantastic people, I decided to start a project where I use calligraphy as a sort of oxymoron.  Everyone knows that the language we use, especially in the younger generations, is increasingly becoming shortened and abbreviated.  LOL, BRB, JK, etc have inundated our language.  Calligraphy and letter-arts may be the polar opposite of text-message language.  Flourishes and detailed creation of letters where the way the letter is written speaks volumes have no place on a cell phone.

With this in mind, I have chosen to start a project where I combine those two worlds, and write abbreviations and modern shorthand in calligraphy.

Please visit the site to see ongoing projects, and soon my contributions to those projects.


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